Company History

Active can trace its heritage back to 2000 when Advance Machinery Services was formed. In 2001 Advance acquired Active Group Holdings. Then in 2003 Advance Procurement Services was formed before being renamed Active Integrated Supply in 2009.

In 2007 Active Industrial Services Group emerged as a result of the divestment of Advance Industrial and, while remaining loyal to our engineering heritage, our main focus moved from engineering towards integrated supply.

Our outstanding customer service and impressive track record of delivering savings has resulted in our business growing from around £8m in 2007 to its current turnover of just under 35m. Our growth has been controlled and selective, to ensure consistently high levels of service are always reached.

In 2014 the business underwent a restructure, introducing new skills and a renewed focus on new markets, while retaining its heritage, history and the day to day knowledge of the founder.

“We are incredibly proud of our reputation in the market of always delivering against our promises, being proactive and putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. 

Our owner managed status means that business decision makers are directly connected with our customers and this allows our decision making to be swift and customer led.

We continue to make significant investments in resources with new management, staff training and in our SAP systems capability to transact seamlessly with our customers.

Our independence is significant to the success of our model, the benefits of which flow directly to our customers through outstanding cost savings results. 

We will continue to grow and have ambitious business development plans within our specific targeted market sectors.”

Richard Bennell, Managing Director