At Active, we appreciate that automotive businesses are fast-paced and sit within a highly competitive industry. We appreciate the requirement to respond quickly and efficiently in order to minimise production disruption and ensure that your lines remain efficient and operational at all times.

Our understanding of the Indirect Automotive supply chain ensures that we respond quickly and effectively to your needs. Our focus in not just on providing the most cost effective item in isolation – we understand the big picture and that is sometimes more beneficial to expedite the procurement of a critical spare rather than hold out for the best possible spot price.

We have an extensive supplier database covering machine parts, PPE, consumables and tooling. Our operation is quality assured and focused on reliable and robust procedures to minimise business interruption and continually deliver, quality, cost, delivery and responsiveness to your business. Our procurement, stock management and reporting systems are capable of multi-tier levels of integration depending upon your specific requirements.

We allow organisations to focus on business critical areas and take away the time and cost of sourcing indirect items through our fully integrated system. We analyse the supply chain and put in place procedures that have a positive effect on your bottom line.