The UK Defence market remains the second largest defence market in the world, despite budgets currently being under scrutiny. This requires a responsive, reliable and cost effective supply chain, providing opportunity in a high value market – and that’s where we come in.

As licenced Exostar users, we understand the systems used and the highly specific needs of the defence sector. Our services cover maintenance parts procurement, stores and stock management and the provision of maintenance services. We have an extensive supplier data base covering machine parts, PPE, consumables and tooling.

Complex MRO demands can mean businesses spend above and beyond the necessary time and money on their indirect spend.

We can provide you with a menu of fully bespoke options aligned to your needs and focused on the reduction of cost, working capital and improved stock, stores and maintenance provisions. Our ‘open book’ model is particularly relevant to this sector allowing proof of best value to be provided to government departments as required.