Are Active able to supply PPE & consumables?

Active have a significant and robust supply chain which covers all aspects of MRO maintenance parts including PPE & consumables.

Are you able to locate this obsolete part as we have a machine down and its stopping production?

Active are able to source obsolete parts by using their 4,500 strong supplier base and their internal brand driven buyers guide.

Can you help us with a large one off project we are dealing with?

Yes, we are experienced in dealing with large complex projects and with our commercial and technical approach to purchasing delivered through our team of CIPS qualified buyers can add significant value to projects.

Can you help us with all our indirect parts procurement?

Active are experts in indirect procurement, whether it be remote support or onsite maintenance stores management.

Can you supply parts for private individuals?

No, Active are a B2B specific company.

Do Active only cover the Midlands?

Active’s head office is based in Stoke-on-Trent but their unique business model enables them to help their customers with their Indirect procurement both nationwide and abroad.

Do you deal in any other sectors other than those named?

Active are happy to help if we can show you a genuine benefit.  Please contact us and we can discuss your requirements and see if Active can benefit your business.

Do you supply parts as a one off?

Our business model is based upon building long term relationships with our customers and it is unlikely that we would supply one-off orders unless there was a genuine possibility of a more significant relationship developing.

I need a bearing urgently but it doesn’t need to be an OE named brand, can you supply any alternatives?

Active’s internal Buyers Guide is brand driven and includes hundreds of individual brands. We are able to procure by brand and are also able to offer alternative options. We can supply branded or alternatives depending upon your particular need at any point in time.

I need to reorganise our Maintenance Stores, can you help?

Yes, our project management and implementation team can provide practical advice or a full turnkey solution to stores and inventory management.

We don’t have an account with this supplier and we were wondering if you could help source these parts for us?

We provide our customers with a single point of contact for all their indirect goods and services procurement needs, thus taking away the challenges of managing hundreds of suppliers.

We need an urgent part but it’s on an eight week lead time, can you help?

Active’s strong supplier relationships frequently enables us to achieve shorter expediting times.

What do you mean by Independent Integrator?

This means that Active are neither a manufacturer nor a distributor and as such we are not tied into any particular brands. We procure exactly what our customers ask us for and ensure they get the right part, the right quality, on time at the most competitive price.