What is MRO?

MRO is generally considered to be an acronym of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul. Occasionally though it can be used to mean Maintenance, Repair and Operations. Care is needed when discussing MRO across differing sectors because it can mean differing things. For example, in the Aerospace and Automotive sectors.

At Active, when we talk about MRO, we mean the supply of items and services necessary to keep your production line running. This could be the provision of spare parts for a machine, the supply of a new machine spindle or new / exchange pumps and motors.

Equally, it could be the supply of outsourced maintenance services for production machinery. Or, anything needed to keep your business operational, for example, PPE, Consumables, Tooling or services.

Our customers frequently class our field of supply as ‘Indirect’. Indirect supplies can be classified as the supply of goods, parts and services that are essential to your business in producing the finished product. As a comparison, ‘Direct’ supply would be related to the raw products necessary to produce the finished product.

It is not uncommon for businesses to focus significant amounts of time and effort on Direct expenditure. The flip side of this is that Indirect part supply and management often lack that clear focus and this is where Active can help.

By adopting a clear line of focus on your Indirect area, we immediately bring both control and cost savings to your operation. We streamline your supply chains bringing efficiencies to your administration and central services functions which means you have one supplier to deal with instead of hundreds, or even thousands. We also bring efficiencies in your systems (ERP/MRP/MMS), and deliver an improvement to your businesses bottom line.

You may be surprised at the level of savings that can be achieved in the Indirect area – it frequently runs into the hundreds of thousands of pounds, or, depending on the scale of your operation, it can be millions.