We have delivered success for numerous clients within manufacturing and industrial sectors. A selection of some of our most recent projects can be found below.

Competitive Tendering – Pumps and Motors

During a review of spend with a new customer, Active identified that the repair of pumps and motors had been with the same service provider for a number of years, with the cost being fairly consistently in the area of £250,000 per annum.

Consumption Reduction – Furnace Elements

Using data mining from our SAP system, we identified a significant recurring spend on heating elements from one of our customers cost centres. We instigated a spend review meeting with the specific cost centre Maintenance Leader to review the circumstances around the high spend.

Critical Spares Analysis

Active employ a tried and tested process to ensure that only the right parts are held. We involve both our own project management team and the customers key stakeholders.

Down-time avoidance

During an exploratory meeting at a new customers site, during conversation it became apparent that one of their Vertical Carousel machines had broken down. The doors had jammed shut, meaning that the customer could not access specialist parts that were required to perform a time-critical service operation.

Aligning Supply Chains – Bearings

The manufacturing site plant manager was concerned about the rising costs and increased usage of his stores stocked bearings. He asked Active to look at the current supply chain for each individual bearing (circa 215 lines) and to provide their findings/recommendations, along with any cost savings information.

A Light Bulb Moment

After reviewing a customer’s multi-site usage data over a 12 month period, it became evident that there were a high number of lamps being sourced from different supply routes at each differing manufacturing location.